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Atlantis Solutions.
The Complete Solution.
Atlantis Solutions is able to offer a broad range of skills and knowledge across multiple disciplines such as:
• Service integration
• IT service management
• IT infrastructure management
• Service hosting
• IT security
• User support
• Data integration
• Customer relationship management
• Application development
• Bringing innovative IT to ESA



Since its inception in 2011, Atlantis Solutions has evolved into its current form through listening to our customer’s specific IT requirements and responding in an efficient and proactive manner. At Atlantis Solutions, we understand that our main purpose in our support service, is to ensure that all personnel at ESTEC are able to perform their duties unhindered from IT issues and faults.

The Atlantis Solutions team are able to keep abreast of the ever changing needs of our client, due to our team’s proactive and personalised approach. We make it our job to understand our users and ensure that we resolve any issues which may arise in a timely, approachable and professional manner. This has become the signature of the Atlantis Solutions service delivery model. The Atlantis Solutions team upholds the strong belief that our customer’s success is indicative to how we have fulfilled our role as an IT service provider.

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