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Atlantis Solutions service team tirelessly works to provide an outstanding service to our customer. Rigorously adhering to the following details enables us to achieve our goal of helping our customer along their road to success:

Quality: The service that we provide will be monitored in parallel with continuous interfacing with the customer enabling us to ensure that continuous levels of exceptional quality is maintained.

Continuity: By continuously observing the ever-changing work-flow and monitoring the availability of resources, planned absences can be easily absorbed within the service. By applying the same approach during any unplanned absences of key staff, appropriate temporary or permanent back-up solutions can also be implemented without or minimizing disruption to the customer.

Skills: Optimizing the exceptional skills-set of our team members will allow us to accommodate requests out- side of a conventional ‘one team member one role/function’ scenario. This approach will enable Atlantis Solutions to provide a unique solution as a service provider – streamlined resources will result in a more effective and efficient outcome, and ultimately, an even better quality of service.

Capacity: Continuous monitoring and ongoing improvements to our service, in line with our user’s requests, will ensure that our resources are always optimized, allowing easy absorption of peaks in work load.

Flexibility: Atlantis Solutions prides itself in its willingness to accommodate the wishes of its customer. Changes in user requirements are logged and are analysed. Every effort is made to ensure that the updates are implemented, assisting our customer to fulfil their goal.

Governance: Our clear Governance model will ensure the accurate management of our service. Responsibilities of the service team are clearly identified, furthermore a comprehensive set of managerial and administrative processes have been adopted to assure a smooth-running service.

Atlantis Solutions.
The Complete Solution.
Atlantis Solutions is able to offer a broad range of skills and knowledge across multiple disciplines such as:
• Service integration
• IT service management
• IT infrastructure management
• Service hosting
• IT security
• User support
• Data integration
• Customer relationship management
• Application development
• Bringing innovative IT to ESA